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Why conspiracy theories are getting more absurd and harder to refute

"Democracy requires a minimum amount of mutual trust among citizens, and conspiracism destroys it."

Julian Assange has been arrested and faces extradition to the United States

The Justice Department unsealed an indictment against him for conspiracy to commit computer intrusion.

Israeli democracy is rotting from the inside

Tuesday’s election results exposed two major threats to Israeli democracy.

A Texas bill would allow the death penalty for patients who get abortions

The bill is unlikely to pass, but it’s part of a larger trend.

Bernie Sanders’s Medicare-for-all plan, explained

The Vermont senator’s plan has lots of details about what single-payer would cover. It has less information on how to pay for it.

Progressives should worry more about the odds that Joe Biden will win

He’s not very progressive, and for him to lose, someone has to actually take him on.

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Medicare Bears

Senator Bernie Sanders rolled out a new Medicare-for-all bill today. Vox’s Sarah Kliff explains how such a huge overhaul of the healthcare system went from fringe to mainstream.

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Fox News got Trump’s approval rating wrong. Guess what Trump tweeted.

Walmart’s $25 insulin can’t fix the diabetes drug price crisis

It’s not your imagination. Allergy season gets worse every year.

The past 20 years of culture wars, explained by the word “wholesome”

4 key things to know about India’s elections Thursday

Hellboy is a terrible, absurd mess of a movie. Even its beauty can’t save it.

Read the Julian Assange indictment

Some Democrats are wary of going to war with Trump over his tax returns

Treasury misses deadline to turn over Trump’s tax returns, setting stage for long legal battle

Julian Assange helps Laura Poitras tell his complicated story in the revelatory documentary Risk

Watch the moment Julian Assange was arrested in London

How Trump’s overreliance on acting officials could backfire

How America’s relationship with Turkey fell apart

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Jay Inslee’s CNN town hall showed he wants to lead on climate. Voters have other priorities too.

Trump laments that US troops can’t get “rough” with migrants at the border

Kim Kardashian is studying to become Kim Kardashian, attorney at law

Amazon employees rarely speak out publicly against their company. But 3,500 just did.

A new poll shows Virginians want their governor to stay despite blackface controversy

A reverent, feminist new movie tries to give Mary Magdalene her due

Game of Thrones: where every major character stands going into season 8

How to make more Vox Video happen

Inside a fashion show held at the State Department

What does Bill Barr mean when he says he’ll review US “spying” on Trump’s campaign?

Herman Cain is the latest test of Senate Republicans’ loyalty to Trump

Read Bernie Sanders’s 2019 Medicare-for-all plan

New York’s Orthodox Jewish community is battling measles outbreaks. Vaccine deniers are to blame.

Some apps use design to trick you into sharing data. A new bill would make that illegal.

Trump’s Pentagon chief just criticized Lockheed’s F-35 on Fox News. He worked for Boeing.

Addiction is a disease. But an opioid executive wants you to think it’s a crime.

Why this black hole photo is such a big deal

Bank of America is giving its tellers a huge raise. It’s not out of generosity.

Why the Senate is blocking a new net neutrality bill, a year after trying to save it

Why people are calling the new Disney Lion King remake “live action”

Barcelona is pushing out cars and putting in superblocks. Here are the 2 biggest challenges ahead.

Watch: the first full trailer for Disney’s Lion King remake is impressive and nostalgic

9 Senate Democrats on whether they’d be willing to get rid of private health insurance

New Zealand Parliament votes 119-1 to ban assault weapons

Steve Mnuchin tried to tell Maxine Waters how to run a congressional hearing. It did not go well.

This is the first-ever picture of a black hole

The post-purge agenda: what the White House wants next on immigration